Monday, January 3, 2011

Look At Me ! I'm Dancing, I'm Dancing !

There have been a lot of rhythm and music games in the last five years. Everyone has played guitar hero or enjoyed a round of Rock Band. Parties turn into concerts with DJ Rapstar and Lips. And who doesn't enjoy watching videos of a fat kid and a grown man battling it out in the mall arcade at Dance Dance Revolution. None of these games, have the same potential for massive embarrassment or absolute domination as Dance Central.

This Kinect launch title is comparable to Dance Dance Revolution. You are guided on screen with moves to perform in relation to the music being played. But Dance Central has so many advantages. First, there is no dance pad, just free form seizures. And while playing this, I found the whole system incredible accurate. I remember the first days of the Nintendo Wii where the controller accuracy was slightly on the clumsy side.
But this game is shockingly on point.

Second, the music is infinitely better. Long gone are the days of the DDR quasi-trance, Japanese, pop, underground glow stick beats. Embrace a soundtrack of modern and old school clubs hits. Look for pop, rap, and dance chart toppers. And not only will you find some familiar song
s, but it includes popular and recognizable dance moves from music videos and live performances.

Third, this game has some serious moves. Even the easiest difficulty setting might be a little tricky for those born with two left feet. For the experienced dancer or even just the more athletic, this game is going to be crazy fun. There is a solo playthrough full of unlockable dancers
and venues. Team up with a buddy for dancing duels and freestyles. And if you want be like Jared, you can activate the workout mode which will tell you how long you have been playing as well as calories burned.

This game is addictive. I absolutely loved it. The songs are fun, the moves are difficult, and it makes you sweat. While this looks like a good party game, it really works better for only one or two people at a time. But young or old, if you are looking for a fun way to get off the couch throughout the winter, Dance Central is your best bet.


Linz said...

Man...the Kinect is so alluring, and reviews like this make me want to go out and get it even worse. I love dance games! I used to pwn at DDR... I can't imagine that life wouldn't be infinitely better without that touchy mat.

Debbie said...

oh, so much better. and it just feels more fun than stamping your feet on the mat that i always seems to make slide when i played or trip on. get it lindsey. your life will be better for it.

Tyson Sieger said...

Haha, yeah, DDR was a ton of fun! Nothing like a good dance game during your free time for a bit of exercise and enjoyment. Seriously, any kind of dancing is a great way to get off your seat and start moving.