Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Insanely Short Review

I picked up N+ for the DS on a Black Friday sale for like, $3.50 or something equally ridiculous...but forgot to play it until today.  Review at a glance?  Maybe 6-7/10. 

It's a fun game, but oh my goodness...the music.  It is horrendous.  Do yourself a favor and turn the volume ALL THE WAY OFF.  It is awful.  It is distracting from the gameplay which is otherwise pretty fun.  It's interesting trying to learn the physics of this particular game to best control your ninja.  And, when you lose control and hit a bomb and explode, it is hilarious.  Plus lives seem to be limitless so that is awesome.

In other words: really fun, really great way to pass a short amount of time, really annoying to listen to.

Buy at your own risk.  (I'd try the XBLA version to just see if you like it enough to carry it around with you.  That's what I had played before I purchased the DS version and they are basically exactly the same.)


Debbie said...

always looked amazing. i tried the XBLA version and i sucked soooo bad. but it looks like so much fun. im missing out, i know it.

Linz said...

idk if it's the way the controls are laid out a little more "old school" on the DS, but it seemed a lot easier to control the ninja on there.

Anonymous said...

i havent played that one cuz it was always slod out or above my penny pinching threshold....i shall try it out.