Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More For Your Big Nerd Mind

Just a litte bit more for your education.

Lionhead - England. 1997. Lionhead Studios was created by a couple of disgruntled, EA castaways. They have created two classic video game titles like Black and White and the Fable series. The goal of Lionhead studios was to create family friendly gaming experiences. However, the success of that goal is debatable. If you have had multiple sex partners and contracted Syphilis in Fable II, then you probably know it's not a great game for little kids. In their short time on the scene, they have become notorious for re-design in the middle of game development and excessive delays. They are also constantly on the cutting edge of non-player AI. That means that the story line or the environment progresses based on the actions of the player. So thanks to Lionhead, you are less restricted. You dont have to say the exact right thing or stand in the exact right space before the game will acknowledge your progression. Lionhead traits include strong showings in RPGs and games with gods.

Ubisoft - France. 1986. Yes, you read that right. One of the biggest names in video game development was born and is still headquartered in France. They have developed well over 100 games on almost any platform in use since the company's creation in 1986. Their most recent titles in include the Tom Clancy games, Far Cry series, Assassin's Creed series, and so much more. They are a corporate powerhouse and they have around 1500 people working in production at any given time. They have also acquired dozens of smaller development companies. They have also created a gamer-reward system accessible via internet or through the game itself. The more you play your game, the more you get for free. Anything from free character outfits, new maps, and other fun unlockables. It may cost you the forfeiting of an email address, but it's nice to not have to pay for these things. With their huge amount of games, its hard to narrow down certain traits. But they seem to have fewer sports games and they love to acquire franchises and series.


Linz said...

Damn Frenchies, making video games so fun! ;-) I <3 me some Lionhead...even though the Knothole Island DLC was lame-city. Man, I just can't let that go, can I?

Anna-Liisa said...

France! What a silly place. ;)