Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fab For You!

It's almost like a dream come true: The Beatles Rock Band? How could a girl ask for more? (Also a new post - and one that is relevant bc it's a fairly new game?? It's like Christmas around here!)

Story 10/10: The story is awesome, because it follows The Beatles career. The songs are split up into sections of their years together. There are also a lot of unlockables that give you more of The Beatles story, like pictures and video. I particularly like the sound clips on the loading screens that have previously been unreleased. It's like I'm finally a fly on the wall in the studio. I just...I'm all emotional about this game because I really do love The Beatles that much.

Graphics 9/10: The graphics are so awesome. I love the animation in the cutscenes and the way they put pictures together with crazy colors and swoops to intro the new locations in the career. Also the video that plays when you're playing a song is so cool. The characters REALLY look like The Fab Four! It's obvious that a lot of time was spent perfecting this game. My only complaint? Ok, I have two. 1) When you're playing, you can't really watch the videos! And I want to watch them! 2) Sometimes (mainly in the trippy, Sgt. Pepper years) the action behind the notes is so crazy that I felt like I might have a seizure and/or be unable to 5-star the song. Equally traumatic.

Sound 10/10: The songs are remastered and sound amazing. The only problem? The potential for people to completely butcher the music!! I feel like I'm making John Lennon cry whenever I miss a note. I haven't even braved singing yet. I just...can't bring myself to screw it up. It sounds too pretty now.

Gameplay 10/10: If you like Rock Band, you'll like this game. It's your generic music game. I played on medium difficulty for my first run through on the guitar, and kind of think that some of the songs are more difficult. I point the finger at The Beatles' awesomeness and clearly the songs would be more difficult than other music games. I have yet to try out the drums but I think they have the potential to be difficult. Ringo is a King on those drums (lol). One nice thing is that when you start a song there is a rating system that shows how difficult each different instrument would be. Sometimes the guitar would be 2 blocks out of 5 on medium, sometimes it would be all 5. It's nice to have that extra information going into the game.

Overall 10/10: That's right, I'm giving this the 10. At first I was afraid because I thought that the gameplay would be lacking (the song list is shorter than other Rock Band/Guitar Hero games). And I was afraid of what they would do to my darlings...but I think that they remained true to The Beatles and their legacy. And I like the idea that I read in GameInformer -- this game has the potential to bring people together. People who never thought they could have the ability to use this game to train themselves to sing harmonies with their friends, and have a heck of a lot of fun doing it. I'm so glad that this game exists.

Buy/Rent: Buy it. You're going to want to replay it, perfect it, enjoy it with all your friends.


Anna-Liisa said...

This one guys out to Linz and the Beatles: She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah! :)

Linz said...

You know that can't be bad. ;)

Anonymous said...

Argh. This is the reason I can't buy a console. I would never, ever, ever leave the house.