Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am inspired to publish a post more often than the twice-a-millenia I've become known for. But I am not sure how to accomplish this because I can only play so many games, making it exceedingly hard to review new games consistently. How about some feedback, three loyal readers? ;) Do you hate it when I review old games? Do you want more of my opinions about sweet upcoming games? Do you want me to shove the game stuff and talk about my adorable daughter and chihuahua?

The world is our oyster!


Heretic said...

why dont you focus your blogging efforts on multiple things. Games,movies,books, stuff ou hear on the news wih games, etc etc.

Farrah said...

As somebody who can't play video games until I'm back in Toledo in November, I vote for adorableness and gaming both combined into one blog of awesomeness!!!

Debbie said...

gaming. cool games. i need to know why i should or shouldnt put a game on my gamefly que. i especially like when you do games from the xbox arcade, i cant demo those well at all.