Thursday, May 24, 2012

Skeptic Debbie is Skeptical

I have been playing in the world of Elder Scrolls for the last two games, those being Oblivion and Skyrim.  With the slaying of enemies, looting chests, and extensive customization, these games speak directly to my soul.  As much as I love and breathe this series, I can't bring myself to embrace the idea of an Elder Scrolls MMO.  

I recently had my first taste of the MMO world and I wasn't a huge fan.  Having read up on the articles and releases surrounding the Elder Scrolls MMO, I don't see where it will be much different from other games in the genre.  In fact, it is somewhat shocking how closely the game will be following the same generic, formula of other titles.  Whenever a new game is released, it promises to be the WoW killer, and they never come close.  I expect an Elder Scrolls version to follow suit.

One thing I don't understand is why there is a need for an Elder Scrolls MMO at all.  These massive online games provide hours and hours of game play, but so do the regular games.  In Skyrim, I have 150 hours on one character, and there is obviously re-playability with different races and skills that I could easily dump another 150 hours into.  Plus, with future DLC and all of the user generated mods, the current title seems almost endless.  I don't need another monstrous game in the exact same world.  A world that won't even have dragons.

Yes, there is definitely a sizable wait in between titles, but that is what makes coming back to the series so great.  You never miss Call of Duty or Halo because you almost can't keep up with those franchises.  I want Bethesda to know that it's okay to be a tease and make me wait it out.  I also have a hard time understanding the general appeal.  Maybe people want a multiplayer experience.  Maybe hundreds and hundreds of hours aren't enough.  I just have this feeling that someone said "An Elder Scrolls MMO, that would kick ass", but the thought process stopped there.

I have faith in Bethesda and their abilities; they have yet to do me wrong.  I just hope they follow that old adage about fixing things that aren't broken.

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Linz said...

I think it'll be hard to get the same feel of the single player games in an MMO environment.. It'll be interesting to see how they tackle that. WoW has pretty much c-blocked every other MMO attempt.. I guess you gotta give the companies props for still trying?