Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gamer Fuel?

Seriously people... I am addicted to the Lego games.  I have recently been knocking out some achievos on Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.  I got this game a while back and played a little, just enough, in fact, to make my gamerscore odd.  There is an achievement for 12 points - "Welcome to the Caribbean" - that you get right off the bat, and having that odd number on my GS was driving me bananas.  But the achievement to balance it out - "Pieces of Eight" - required me to have 888,888,888 studs total.  Talk about a time sink.  But I am proud to say I did it and my score is nice and even again.  :-)
So why did I tell you that story, other than to illustrate my O.C.D. tendencies when it comes to gaming?  Because the thing that got me back into Pirates was popping that achievement.  It is fun, but it wasn't on the top of my list to play at the time, and yet it got a good week of my game time.  And it isn't the only one.  Bejeweled 2 has twelve achievements - I have popped one and spent countless hours on the others to no avail.  But I keep returning, keep trying, keep avoiding other awesome games (Mass Effect 2 I swear I will return to you) just to try and get a stupid 5 or 10 pt achievement!!  Also, in my defense, Bejeweled is pretty fun.

And this achievement need culminated in a conversation on the Achievement/Trophy Hunters group this morning.  Someone told someone else to avoid a game because it didn't have trophies associated with it.  That game?  Oblivion.  I feel like that was gaming sacrilege.   That game is amazing and deserves your time whether you're getting achievements or trophies or free kittens or any other arbitrary rewards system.

Ok, this would be pretty tempting.
All this said: What games have you played only to pop achievements?  What games have you avoided because of the lack of achievements?  I didn't re-play the first Fable when we got our 360 because there weren't achievements.  Instead I moved right on to Fable II.  I have considered XBLA games that I have decided not to buy simply based on their achievement list.

Hi, my name is Linz, and I have an achievement problem.

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EchoPark said...

I admit to myself am a bit of an achievement whore, but I'm quite new to it. I hit quite a slump in gaming around 2 years ago, which was caused by playin mmos. I played alot of them compared to normal games. But then i started to hate mmos and needed something else to do. I started playin more console games but all i was doing was rushin thru them and then next game. I wasnt gettin interested in the story or anything.

I was speaking to my friend and we spoke about gamescore. And decided i wanted to beat his score. So i started playin games more and payin attention to the story cause i needed the achievements. So it made me play the game a different way which am gateful. But it doesnt mean i dont play games without them tho. Thats just silly lol if a good game comes out i'll play it. But if a good game comes out and its multi platform .. i'll get it for xbox lol.

But ofc being a bit of a whore to the gamescore, i purposely gone out there to do the easy 1000/200 but then again to me its just another game and i generally enjoy the bad games ... even Avatar the last airbender lol. At the mo i just finished Lego Indy I shall be doing more lego games as come on ... everyone loves lego! :D