Monday, July 25, 2011

Play and Hate The Impossible Game

Here at Achievos, we love a good, mindless game.  Tetris, Peggle, and Plants vs. Zombies occupy our time when we don't have the mental capacity to play something hardcore but still want to hang with friends online.  I would like to introduce you to my newest time suck; The Impossible Game.

You are an orange square.  There are spikes to jump over.  Sound simple?  Jokes on you.  This games is super hard.  There are no check points.  Once your adorable little square dies, you start from the very beginning. And to add insult to injury, there is a very unassuming counter at the top of the screen telling you how many times you have tried and failed.  Its judgement looms and causes the player instant feelings of bitterness and resentment.

I played the game and found it quite tough.  There are dozens of YouTube videos that can attest to the difficulty (check below for the staged but always entertaining LtMkilla doing a Rage Quit).  The Impossible Game is easily comparable to Super Meat Boy in terms of hair-pulling moments.  But that little wad of meat has nothing on the bouncing square.  There is no going back, no pausing to time your jumps, and no way to see in front of you.  Just a constant, fast scroll of spikes and gaps to cover. 

It should be know that while showing the game to my boyfriend last night, he grabbed the controller and instantly got about three times further than I did.  No, it isn't proof that he is better at games than me, because he most definitely is not.  He does, however, absolutely school my ass at music games.  He pointed out almost immediately that the Euro club beat the game is set to perfectly coincides with the jumps of the cube.  The Impossible Game is a rhythm game in disguise.

I highly recommend you give The Impossible Game a try.  It is available in the Xbox Live Indie Arcade section for a measly 80 points.  You read that correctly, just one zero.  80 points.  There are even versions available for phones.  So do your self a solid, and get this cheap and challenging game.

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Linz said...

OMG just watching that video totally stressed me out. I'm wondering if there's even an end to that game?! I don't think I can handle it.