Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bad TV Turned Great

I have avoided these freaky little rabbits in the past, because I thought they were ugly, probably annoying, and maybe even a little frightening.  I may have been wrong.  They are ugly, a little annoying, and still the stuff of nightmares -- but they are also hilarious!  And this game is so fun!

My siblings came over for a game night and we spent a long time playing Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party.  It is a blast.  If you have ever read this blog you have deep and abiding knowledge of my love for mini-games, and the Rabbids provide.  The entire game is playing mini games that are based on television programs that are on now.  There are "Pimp My Rabbid", "Rabbidass" (Jackass), "American Choppy" just to name a few.  And they are really hilarious.  The games are organized on to channels, which are mockeries of HGTV, Spike, MTV...  My favorite channel is the cult movie channel, and the games are a blast.

The gameplay is all fairly easy, although I was having some trouble with my Wii-mote responding correctly.  There is a dancing game where you move your nunchuck and Wii-mote according to the "dance coach" , and for whatever reason I could not get it.  This could be partially due to these two things: 1 - I don't have the little extra gyroscope add-on for the 'mote.  2 - I don't have the rhythm.  Ok, who are we kidding?  It's clearly the lack of the gyroscope.  But other than that small issue I was having an absolute blast.  Each of the channels has a couple of game styles to play with tons of variations.  Like the Cult Classics channel is shoot-at-target games, which I adore, but every time I played it it was based on a different movie and you were shooting at different things.  I feel like this game would have a lot of replayability just going through and seeing all the different shows they chose to mock.

The Rabbids are ridiculous.  The gameplay is simple and fun.  My siblings and I were cracking up over the hilarious Rabbids, and the more hilarious watching each other play.  The game can use the balance board peripheral, but I don't have it, and it adjusts the gameplay accordingly so you don't need it.  The Wii doesn't get a lot of love around these parts, but it's games like this that make me think I should dust off the old 'motes and give 'er another go round more often.  That and I have Mario Galaxy 2 waiting in the wings.

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Debbie said...

Man oh Man do I love those retarded little rabbits. The first Rabbids game for the Wii owned my soul. It was hella fun. I totally support whatever this game is dishing out. I wish they had it for 360 !