Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What is Your Biggest Habit ?

This blog is going to be more of an aimless ramble, but it is a topic that has always interested me. Athletes have superstitions. Students have studying rituals. But one thing that has always varied, is each gamers' habit.

One huge difference is the people who chose to game socially and those who dont. Some people are really content just playing a video game all alone. Even if they are doing a multiplayer online, the talking is definitely a distraction. On the other hand, there are people who are social gamers. Both Lindsey and I fit into this category. Whether we are doing a co-op over Live or playing our own solo campaigns, we always talk about video games and so much more.

One of the more technical habits is inverting the Y axis. The video games that I grew up playing almost always had the inverted Y axis (looking up and down). It was an option to switch it back to normal. Now the trends have shifted and it is more and more common to play with the look straight instead of inverted. Some games don't even come with the option to invert. I think this is a habit found in older gamers. Flying games on PC and in arcades relied on the old school joysticks. Now, its literally anything goes. Some people call it a control advantage to invert, but its mostly just preference.

Some people only play at certain times of the day as well. Most people only play at night. But some gamers definitely always want to get at least one round in after school, work, or right before bed. I get pretty crabby if I don't get to play a couple rounds in the morning and before I go to bed. But that's also where I communicate daily with a lot of my friends.

There are a lot of little rituals too that you can find many people using in everyday activities. They might only sit in a certain chair or insist upon using their favorite controller. I know I like to have a beverage in my favorite glass at my side. And you should keep an eye out for an epic blog from Lindsey about the best gaming snacks. But I want to know, what are some of your gaming habits ?

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Linz said...

I always wear the exact same pair of underwear when I play xbox. And I never wash them, that's bad luck.

Ok I am kidding. But that's an idea. At the very least I could distract anyone playing locally and totally pwn them.

My habit would probably be playing until INSANELY late at night. Even when I want to I never go to bed before about 2 am if I start gaming.