Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Well hello there, fellow Achievos!

Here's a quick catch up:

Gamerscore - 43,280
Recent Games - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning; Catan; and a variety of arcade games on her new Windows phone.

Gamerscore - 22,165
Recent Games - Kinect game after Kinect game after Kinect game; arcades thrown in for fun (I got Debbie to buy Catan, and she totally dominates me at it. Grr!)

So that's what we've been up to.

I am shocked at how much my Xbox has become my Kinect machine.  I have been trying to do Dance Central 3 or Just Dance 3 as work outs every day.  I've got my kids playing Once Upon a Monster, Kinectimals, Kinect Party, and Kinect Disneyland to burn off some of that excess kid energy.  And we are having so much fun with it.  The variety of things to do, even within a single game, has us up and playing for hours a day.  The Kinect's "Tired or sore? Take a break!" banner is pretty much our bestie.  But I figure if we're going to be around the house the kids might as well be moving.  And heaven knows I won't exercise unless I'm having so much fun that I don't realize I'm exercising.

Kinect Party - super fun and silly
That being said, I still am boggled by how Kinect games are so different.  The dance games are exceptionally good at tracking and never losing the player.  The arcade games for Kinect are also great at this.  For some reason though the kid's games are awful!!  We played Kinect Disneyland for the first time last night, and ended up quitting after about half an hour because Kiera (5-years) was so mad when the game kept losing her and she couldn't complete objectives.  We'll try that one again, but have had similary problems.  Once Upon a Monster can also be frustrating.  They're great games, but why can't they track us as well as other games?  And with Kinect it's not as easy as grabbing a controller and helping the kids out..  As fun as it is, there is a lot of room for irritation.  That's why a game like Kinect Party which is totally forgiving and just about being up and having fun without objectives is really nice, especially for my little ones.  And me.  I mean...who doesn't like silly mini-games?

So what've you been up to?

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