Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another triumphant return!

Like a zombie, rising slowly and menacingly from the grave, Linz returns to the blogosphere.  (Did I seriously just use that term??)  But seriously, I have missed you guys.  And gaming, big time.  You may recall from our last giveaway that 6 weeks ago I gave birth to baby Magneto, and since then my time has been totally eaten up with mothering the little mutant and taking him home to Iowa to meet the family.

So all of this has left me little to no time to game.  I finally got Super Mario 3D Land and my 4-yr-old promptly took it under her wing to play and dominate at it.  I've only been able to sneak in a couple levels.  And, as you all know, Debbie and I both got SSX upon its release and, even though it is the love of my gaming life, I have barely scratched the surface.  Pity party for me!  I am home now, and going to start re-dedicating myself to some "me time" (which translates into "Xbox party..with Debbie.")

This lack of actual time to game has left me with a lot of time to think about gaming..and when I think about it, I often think about the prices of things.  Big on my radar right now: the price of games, and the chance that next generation systems are on the horizon.  When we were visiting friends I got to talking about gaming and found that I am super cheap, and often refuse to buy games when they are brand new and crazy expensive, but I am far from alone.  I have many friends who feel like they have been so burned by purchasing a game for $60 only to have it be less than 10 hours of game play, or drop in price in a week or two.  Commence gamer rage.  I am seriously questioning the logic behind the $60 price tag.  I think the companies would sell so many  more copies and so much sooner if they dropped back down to $40, or even $50..  People could buy the games when they're new, thus raising the game companies numbers, instead of just waiting around until the game is old and drops in price or they can pick it up used.  Just a thought.

And this thought that next generation consoles are coming.  I still haven't even upgraded from my ancient Xbox Elite system (meaning I don't have the fancy new slim one, or the even fancier Star Wars one ... Debbie.)  I don't want to be forced into buying another new system yet!  Granted there is no release date or really any specific news on new systems, but they are always there, hovering like expensive ghosts on the horizon.  All I can say is that when they come, they damn well better be backwards compatible because the lack of that makes me hulk-sized-angry.

The same friends I was talking to about the price of new games were saying that when new consoles come out they refuse to buy.  My own husband even said that when they come he will just play our current system until it dies, and then give up gaming instead of continuing to try to keep up with the new stuff.  I don't know if I could ever give it up..but man, if these current gen systems came out at $400+, just think of how much the next ones will be.  How much are you willing to spend to game?


Valerie said...

I agree. I was pretty sure I'd always be a gamer until I slowly began to realize that the controller would be phased out. Then I realized I would not keep pouring money into a hobby that would change from couch work to full blown exercise. Or worse, trying to work two consoles at the same time (Wii) to manage game play. I love gaming because it relaxes me. Movement and deep thought...? No. Which makes me think... since remakes are SO in right now... can we get a remake of OoT to boost graphics? That'd be great, thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is by far one of my favorite articles you all have put out. I hace had countless discussions on this topic with my friends. I agree with both Linz, and her husband. Its a tough call if you ask me as I love gaming, and have not shame ad...mitting it.There are worse habits..alas drinking n whoring oneself out for fun instead..(not for me). I don't want to upgrade to anything new or feel the need to, mainly because I feel the console are kinda good enough as is. I dont need it to look any better than it is. It looks good, I would like a larger hdrive 500 gigs or a terabyte one day in my 360 so I can expand the life of it, and my digital library. I don't think we need fancier looking games and I don't think that justifies 400+ dollars to upgrade either. Proof in this is Nintendo, they aren't 360 or PS3 visual standard games.. but lots of them are way more fun. Doubt my theory.. look at vita vs 3ds sales. fun and practical just seems more logical, graphics are just cover, its the content that holds us.