Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Couldn't Fail If I Tried

I have recently begun playing L.A Noire; I know, I'm super behind the curve on this one.  Lindsey reviewed the game back in the day and I have to say that all of her statements stand pretty true.  But I have a bit of a beef to pick with this game.  It's almost impossible not to win.

In L.A. Noire, players are given cases to solve.  The better you do, the higher rating you get, the maximum being a 5 star rating.  Being the obsessive gamer that I am, I instantly made it my goal to find everything and earn all 5 stars on every case.  Eventually, I came to a case where I thought I was beyond thorough and received only four stars.  Upon replaying the case, I couldn't believe all the stuff I missed.
I had managed to miss multiple giant cut scenes, a location, and multiple interview/interrogation opportunities.  It added up to be almost 30 minutes of game play.  The game has an option to allow the detective's partner to do all the driving so the player doesn't have to.  Apparently while doing this, I missed the chance to respond to a lead that came into the car's radio.  Once again, driving has led to my virtual demise.

What really struck me was how much of this I had still missed but completed the case with four stars.  Is it even possible to fail a case ?  Or to get only star, someone has to miss every single interview question and never look at the body?  If it wasn't for my obsessive achievement hunting, how little would I have to do and still be allowed to progress?  I would've accused the wrong people and everyone at the precinct would have thought I was a total moron.  But I could still complete the game.

It makes me wonder what decisions lie between making a game impossible to beat versus impossible to lose.  Is there a game that you thought was just entirely too easy or forgiving ? 


Amy said...

I'm a big fan of point and click adventure games so it didn't bother me at all... you can't really fail those types of games.

I think the "you did a bad job but you pass the case anyways" gameplay turned a lot of people off. You're even allowed to skip past action sequences if you fail enough times.

I managed to get only one star when I did the "Public Menace" achievement.

Linz said...

If you would be hindering crime solving in real life to the point that you would probably be fired, you shouldn't pass the game. Simple solution. At least make a person replay it if they get what, less than 50% of the case??