Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cheaters Always Proseper .... Jerks

I hate when I read blogs where people do nothing but rant and rave. But I totally have to be one of those people today. I have finally reached my limit with cheaters in online video games. There are a bunch of different ways to cheat the system. Here is a list of what they are doing and how it ruins the game.

Hackers. This group of people doesn't really enjoy the game for what it is. They are definitely the "anarchists" of the online multiplayer. Their only goal is to cause problems and ruin the game. Their most common offenses result in viral lobbies. The game is bust because you are moving at super fast speeds, going uber slow, or a number of other annoyances. They also negate the validity of the leader boards.

Modders. Modders are just lame. These are people who aren't good enough at the game so they give themselves an unfair advantage. They mod their consoles, their controllers, and their profiles. If they aren't shooting faster than game physics allow, they are just being dicks by putting racial slurs in their tag.

Boosters. Obsessed with having a higher score, this group of people really doesn't care that much about the game itself. It's all about status. Who has the highest rank? Who completed what challenges first ? Best score ? The problem with boosters is that while these guys sit in the corner and complete challenges or trick shots, the rest of their team struggles to compete, often resulting in a loss for the few people actually playing the game.

All three of these groups are lame beyond reason. They ruin the game for everybody else. Worst of all, they clearly don't care that much about the game in the first place. Play it for what it is, follow the rules, and be chill. And if you suspect someone of modding, hacking, or boosting; file a complaint. They won't get removed right away, but if enough people file, then something will eventually be done. Rant over. Where's my Cherry Pepsi ?!?!


Linz said...

Cherry Pepsi?? Are you cheating on Mt Dew?

Having dealt with my WoW account being hacked earlier this week, I have an extra pile of hate for the gaming cheaters right now. What's the point in playing if you're just screwing stuff up? and why in the world hack into someone else's account and f* up their day??!

Ebel said...

black hat scabs will get their day. but you must remember that these 4-chan surfing, basement lurking, would-be pedos have nothing else in their existance than this.