Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dirty Little Secret

So I have a dirty little secret, and if you're going to be completely honest, I bet you do too. "What is it?" you wonder. "What could she possibly be ready to openly admit on the interwebz where the information is available to one and all?"

It is this: I game...on Facebook.

Come on, you know you do too. It's just's starting to take up a lot of my time. Like, more of my game time than anything else. It started out innocently, maybe even intelligently, with Scrabble. Always fun. Always a crowd pleaser. And then the novelty of farming - FarmTown here I come. Then someone got me to start Mafia Wars. And then a Happy Aquarium. Next, begged into starting a Pirates: Rule the Caribbean. And today my daughter begged me to "get a kitty" so Happy Pets is now part of myrepertoire . I'm not sure how faithfully I'll maintain that though, since it's the exact same game as Happy Aquarium but less fun. This is the reason I gave up Pirates, because it is the exact same game as Mafia Wars, except worse somehow. And I mean exact. I also no longer play FarmTown. It got old, and even with their updates I lost interest.
I have always been a sucker for Flash games. I can not tell you the hours I have lost to Diner Dash or Pizza Frenzy. Insaniquarium? Zuma? Chuzzle? I've played them all. (Also do I have some kind of obsession with digital fish tanks?) I also can not tell you the amount of frustration that my husband feels when he sees me spending yet another five minutes training fake fish to do tricks. He can not understand how I have all of these awesome games at my disposal and I would ratherzone out and click-click-click. And, quite frankly, neither can I sometimes.

What is the draw? One thing I enjoy is that I can play these games in 5 minute increments. If I am on the phone and just want to zone out, I can feed my fish. If I have read all the blogs I follow and checked my email and still have a few minutes to burn I can use up all my energy on Mafia Wars. I can't play The Sims 3or Little Big Planet for 10 minutes. Ok - I could, but I don't want to. If I log into a game like that, I want to log in for the long haul and spend some time on it.

Flash based games, now proliferating and procreating all over our favorite social networking sites, are trying to gain credibility though. EA purchased a publishing company to spend some of their time and focus on getting their name out on Facebook. Xbox has opened up Live to being on Facebook. Facebook + Gaming = A match made in Heaven? I wouldn't go that far, but I feel like they're definitely pushing for this relationship to happen.

What zone-out games do you play? And why?


Anonymous said...

yeah they eat time like a fat kid with candy
i always try out each one but i never seem to get stuck on one.

Farrah said...

I play Mafia Wars, and the reason is that you got me into it with an innocent plea for a bigger mafia. :p I have always been a sucker for flash games as well. The hours I used to spend on Yahoo Games is ridiculous.